Incorporation of a Japanese “Access Society”: A New Step Forward

The first meeting of the “Access Society” was held in 1989, hosted by the Japanese Association of Dialysis Physicians (JADP). The annual meetings were continued until the 7th one in 1995. The JADP at that time changed its policy as they did not wish to limit the study topics to access alone. It was then that Dr. Kazuo Ota proposed making the “Access Society” an independent organization for providing a venue for specialized discussion, in view of the importance of access in maintenance dialysis, and this became a reality in 1996. The first Society meeting was held in Takamatsu in 1997 (Chairman: Dr. Akira Numata) and subsequently Society meetings have been held around the country. The major achievements can be found compiled in “Kidney and Dialysis: Supplemental Issues”.
A proposal for incorporation of the Society was approved at the 12th Executive Meeting (Chairman: Dr. Ikuto Masakane), and followed up through the efforts of Dr. Hidemune Naito and Dr. Hideki Kawanishi, and the Society was recognized on August 24, 2009 as the “Japanese Society for Dialysis Access, a Non-Profit Organization”. The Society has taken a new step forward as an organization with a well-defined public base.
I hope those who have contributed to the development of the Society until now would become full members or participate as institutional members to assist in the initiation of even more vigorous academic activities. Each member should strive for a Society that will sustain its passion for improvement of vascular and peritoneal access, the lifeline of maintenance dialysis.
In May 2011, at the 7th Congress of the European VAS held in Istanbul, Turkey, our Society and the European VAS formally entered into an academic cooperation agreement. I hope that this internationalization of our academic activities widens our scope and contributes to advances in the field of access surgery.

January 13, 2012
Seiji Ohira